What are Soundfonts?

The sounds of lightsabers eg

  • turn on
  • Switch off
  • Hum (also called "idle hum" - the typical hum of a lightsaber)
  • Swing (also called "swing sound" - when you wave your sword around)
  • Bouncing (also called "clash sound" - when the sword hits something - see also Flash-on-Clash)
  • Blaster (simulates the sound of a lightsaber blocking a blaster shot)
  • Flickering (also called "crackle sound" or "lockup sound" - the sound of two lightsabers rubbing together)


All of these sounds are combined into a "package" called a "Soundfont". Depending on the type of lightsaber, eg Standard RGB or Proffie V2.2, there are different numbers of Soundfonts that can be set.