Features of Proffie V2.2

22 sound fonts: Lightsaber Soundboard has 22 different soundfonts.

9 Lighting Effects: The lightsaber has many blade lighting effects to choose from: Stable/Unstable/Pulse/Wave/Ghost/Cross/Infinite/Rainbow/Fire.

9 Saber Ignition Effects: The Neopixel core provides a variety of firing effects to choose from.

Motion control: The sword offers motion-controlled ignition, light effects and sound effects, e.g. it can also be turned on by turning it to the right.

Smooth Swing: Lightsaber makes realistic lightsaber sounds in response to movement. The latest Soundboard offers precise and controlled movement sounds.

Blaster: Blaster defense sound and light effect can be played at the push of a button.

Flash on Clash: The blade flashes and plays a sound when it hits another lightsaber, for example.

Heavy duels: Thanks to the robust polycarbonate blade, the lightsaber can withstand heavy duels with other lightsabers.

Advanced Audio: Driven by high quality speakers with a 2/3 watt and 4/8 ohm system.

Battery: Thanks to the integrated charging connection, you don't have to constantly change the battery as with the usual lightsabers.

Blade: Made from durable polycarbonate. In an extremely bright 50 watt NeoPixel LED strip.